Yours truly.

i ride bikes, i don’t eat meat, i’m 20. in sri lanka now.

My biggest accomplishments:

  • Setting the current national record on the 2km indoor rowing assessment, at 6 minutes, 38.9 seconds.
  • Cycling 604km through tropical Sri Lanka’s two latitudinal extremes, in 36 hours and 10 minutes
  • 2015 – 112kg and OBESE!
    2017 – 82kg and u18 National Silver in the Men’s Single Scull
  • Every other little goal I achieved.

I went ovo-lacto vegetarian in January, 2018, and I haven’t looked back. What was particularly difficult was that, in December/2017, I remember trying Dubai street shawarma, this one special night out. It wasn’t easy.

Well, I’m here now. 😉

Reading my bio makes me think – damn, what a clichè transformation story: obese kid to athlete-blogger.

That’s alright. You can sit through it while I tell you the whole thing.