The Importance of 1) Why, and 2) Meticulous Planning.

Hey, there. Nice to see you again. If this is the first post you’re reading, this is a weekly training log of a student-athlete. I will dish out nuggets of (cycling) wisdom whenever I come across some myself, and also keep you entertained with the occasional silly mistake.

Currently training in the pretty HECTIC island of Sri Lanka. It’s not a bad place. 

The importance of WHY.

The writings on my wall.

There’s this quote, it goes like this: He who has a ‘why’ can bear any ‘how’. I was obsessed with rowing for 5 years, and dedicating myself almost completely to the sport came easily. Rowing was like the thug lyf. I didn’t go looking for it. It came to me. 

The issue is that not everybody has a calling. At least, not when you first open your eyes. Sometimes, one must look around the room. Look into the eyes of the mother who’s right next to you, or the father who rushed in just in time to meet you. Sometimes the grandparents might be there and you gotta really look up into their eyes and ask: “Is my calling in your hands?”. It sometimes isn’t with family. Sometimes, it’s in the eyes of someone you will meet many years down the line. When you’re at school, at your first job, or your seventh, at 44 years old. 

One must look urgently to find passion because a life without a passion and dedication to art, is meaningless. And we only have so much time in this world. Art does not just mean art. It is any vocation that gives life meaning. There is no distinction between the artisan and the artist. (Coomaraswamy). What gives your life meaning? 

Sure, I’ve had bad days too. It’s not like it’s possible to be motivated 100% all year. Don’t get yourself down, it’s not a fault of yours. It’s human. That’s where a pinch of discipline comes in.

One season (2018), I was late consistently. Turned up at 6.30 for 5.30am training. I occasionally gave myself punishment for it but I soon realized that punishment is only treating the symptoms and not fixing the real issue. I took time away, and allowed myself time to think. Where am I going with rowing? How far CAN I GO? Why?

The importance of METICULOUS PLANNING.

When you’ve planned, you’ve put into writing and solidified the means by which you will achieve your objectives. Until you plan and schedule things, they will stay a desire. An idea. 

When you’ve planned, you place a helpful pressure on yourself to get it done. 

When you’ve planned, you know what to say ‘no’ to. You have a system by which to accommodate other commitments, and the needs of other people in your life. It helps balance things out. 

Keeping track.

I lied to myself plenty, saying I’m starting ‘tomorrow’. HA!

Best thing to come out of Corona curfew was a habit of planning my day the night before. Biggest task goes first.

Immeasurably helpful.


Milage slowly going up. I quickly learned over a few sessions of being observant of my body, that eating before and during long rides, is absolutely important. Getting that wrong compromises the quality of the training, to the fundamentals! 30-60 grams per hour. A 20g cereal bar (where sugar isn’t the first ingredient listed,) taken every 20 mins, is good to sustain a 3 hour ride. (Ingredients are listed in descending order of volume contribution to the net.)

I eat a big bowl of oats 30-60 mins before the ride, and start munching on the bike, from the second hour onwards.

Eat immediatly after, in plenty and replenish muscle glycogen.

Comments and likes help the blog a lot, and hearing your thoughts on what you read, will definitely encourage me to keep this active!


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