Beer belly, assessments.

Thanks to an unimaginably hectic Sunday, I couldn’t do last week’s post any justice.

Week 6, day 1. (Second cycle: week 2.)

I was chatting with Coach today. Assessments are due, and ideally tomorrow morning. Any later and the rest of the week goes rough. Problem: The only way I’m going to find a long and empty stretch in Colombo is down Marine Drive at 4am. So I did what anyone would do and asked a friend to come with me to Marine Drive at 4am tomorrow. I’m still expecting a call back from him for confirmation, but the response was positive – I have lovely friends.

The belly fat is a (growing) issue, is very prominent and it is making its presence noticed. It’s still been a week since I started eating cleaner and timing things better, so I don’t think I can expect to see a change. It will change, over the next few weeks. At least 500 grams lesds over a month, will be something. Losing 500 grams over the high-load 3 weeks means losing 29 grams a day. That’s not too bad. 

Fluctuations of almost 2kg over 5 days. X-axis: day of the month. Y-axis: Kg (80+).

I would still need to be at a caloric deficit, and training is priority. Any silly fad diets, or even intermittent fasting/keto will mess up the fuelling for training, and that means nothing gets done. IF and keto work for non-athletes, as I understand: I’m reading a book called Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance, by a popular nutritionist, Matt Fitzgerald. He speaks sense and I decided to go by his advice. The advice is tested on cycling, with Fitz himself being a triathlete, so I feel I can rely on his word. 

At 85kg, body fat is in abundance, but I’m in no major hurry. Soap for you, Tyler from Fight Club? It’d be nice to lose weight fast, but it seems vey likely that I’ll gain it back as soon as I lose it. 

I learned that sometimes the only thing you must do is eat at the right time. Before, during and immediately after training, are the best times to go heavy on the carbs. High protein and medium carbs at night, The idea is that the glycogen is used when needed, to get fit and fast, but you make the body use more fat during rest, when it isn’t getting the ton of carbs in. This makes sense to me amd I’ll tell you what happens.

Tell me what you enjoy hearing about. I’ll make sure to include more in the future. 

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