Dusk to dawn

And the wind keeps roaring, 
And the sky keeps turning grey
And the sun is setting,
And the sun will rise another day. 

Pearl Jam – The Long Road

When I was small, I remember feeling a feeling of adventure when we were going somewhere we hadn’t been before. It’s not something I can put into words. If I could, I’d be lying because they aren’t my emotions then: they’re yours. I know you just know what I mean, though. Every new route, and the feeling takes me back to 2006. The bicycle is a time-travel machine.

Sigiriya, 2018. Photo: myself.

What is it though? What is it about a new place that excites us? 

New faces? New places? New sights, sounds, and smells? I’ll watch it close and tell you the next time I feel it, but for now: you know. Traveling is exciting. 

A part of growing up, is realising that there’s no point in complaining about the way the world is. It wasn’t easy to accept that life isn’t meant to be as smooth as Mum makes it for me. A part of growing up is accepting that life isn’t about you, but is always about something bigger. No man is an island, right? A part of growing up is understanding that everybody has it bad, and nobody finds perfect peace. We’re here to make it easier for each other. 

There’s a conflict there though, with what I’m trying to do here. With what we’re trying to do here. If you read my last post, you’d know about what we’re trying to do here. The conflict lies in why.

If anything, sport is selfish. It’s to come out on top. Whether we realise it or not, though, sport changes us for the better. Body, mind, the usual Ted talk. At the end of the day though, we play the game for ourself right? We want the MVP, to be captain, to finish first. We want our team to win. Selfishly, of course it is. 

What about the other side of it? 

What about the kids at home watching you on TV? What about your kids, and friends? What about the teenagers back in your hometown, who feel like taking up a sport because they’ve seen you shining in glory? Isn’t that why we do it?

Inter-house Swimming Champs, 2018. Photo: myself. Go Lionel!

I’ve come to realise that there is inherent servitude in our selfish desires. In selfish love, there is giving. In selfish success, there is inspiration. In bad, there is good. Vice versa. 

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I’ve only got a ton more questions though. Tread carefully, for it is easy to mix up reaction for action.

What is the praise for selfless love? Where is the purpose behind selfless servitude? Where does it come from? It’s real. How? 

Training log:

The volume takes its toll. Losing weight with it, isn’t easy, and I’m beginning to realize how risky it is to attempt both volume increases AND weight reductions. Careful monitoring and listening to my body, will be necessary. Weight going down, 100rpm becoming eassier for more than ~10min stretches.

That must be stretched to the whole ride, urgently. As soon as Galle Road is open, I must do a 100k at an attempt of constant 100rpm. Gear irrelevant for now, fitness will come slowly.

Vegetarian means ~9 eggs a day. Vegetarianism in SL isn’t cheap: quality food comes at a premium. I have soya, chickpeas, eggs, and oats for protein. Will write an article soon about how I manage a veggie diet with sport.

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